Pop Art | Easy Tutorial

Hey everyone! This post is a super easy pop art tutorial, which you can follow exactly, or changes parts of it to make it totally your own!

Supplies you’ll need:

  1. A paper
  2. A ruler
  3. Black Marker/Pen (for outlining)
  4. A pencil/eraser
  5. Colored pencils (or something to color)

OR, you could follow this but do a digital art version. (I will upload a picture soon)

Note: The pencil is optional, I wanted to draw in pencil before sharpie/black marker in case I mess up, but you can go right into the marker.

As you can see in the picture, I showed sharpies and colored pencils, but you just need anything to color with, so use whatever is best for you. Also, I forgot to add the ruler, but a ruler would be helpful to divide up your paper.

Divide your paper into four sections that are approximately the same size (doesn’t have to be perfect). You can do more than this, I just chose to do four sections.

Now, pick something to draw that will be easy to replicate 3 more times (or how many sections you need to do this for). If you are doing this digitally, then you can just copy paste of course, so you can pick as hard or easy as you want!

As you can see, I chose this fairly simple strawberry design. Obviously, I am drawing this by hand and not tracing (though that is an option), so it won’t be exactly perfect, but that’s totally fine!

If you went in with pencil in the start like me, then go ahead and outline all your pencil lines so that your paper is ready for coloring!

You want contrasting colors or colors that are distinguishable and stand out. For example, complementary colors such as purple and yellow, green and red, and blue and orange. As you can see in the picture, I chose yellow and purple for my first two colors. I started with purple and yellow, and made one strawberry purple, and the one above it and to the right yellow. And the background, the contrasting color. So a purple strawberry on a yellow background and a yellow strawberry on a purple background. Then, you want another color for the stem/top of the strawberry – I went with a navy blue.

I repeated this with two more colors, an aqua blue and an orange, doing the same contrast – so an aqua blue strawberry on an orange background and an orange strawberry on an aqua blue background, and a lime green for the stem/tops. That pretty much completes it. However, you can add things to it.

For example, I made my purple and yellow ones have stripes, and my orange and aqua blue ones have dots. You can do it in similar colors to the background, or completely different, do different designs, change the number of dots or stripes, etc.

And with that, this tutorial comes to an end!

Want to learn more about pop art? Check out my post at: https://fremontforum.com/2021/07/01/pop-art/

Comment down below how your’s turned out if you followed this! If you like this post, give it a like and subscribe to my blog! Until next time, bye!

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